The following information is intended to help potential customers understand our estimating process. Our desire is that you see the value of this time saving method and contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Process following initial contact

At the time we’re contacted we speak generally about your objectives and timeline. We schedule the initial consultation and proceed toward our goal of earning your business. Attendance by all responsible decision makers is a must.

Consultation Goals:

  • Detail objectives
  • Timeline of project
  • Budget
  • Other relevant subjects

Expect an informative and an efficient presentation of:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • How we can help you

“Ronnie’s craftsmanship and

his attention to detail are

exceptional” - Pete Eddy

We talk specifically about your ideals:

  • If you have architectural drawings, designs and specifications you will provide those at that time
  • If drawings, designs and specifications are needed; we discuss how we work to achieve them

Hiring JC&M as your contractor could save you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in architectural and design fees.


The best and most unforgettable home remodeling experience always includes timeliness. As we discuss your project we will identify areas of importance in the timing of your project.

“The work performed for us has

been exceptional and completed

in a timely manner” - Henry

and Cindy Palko

Any home improvement is an investment. Like any investment, it begins with a strategy. The purpose is to create a path of growth that increases wealth. Any well thought out strategy includes the investment amount and the projected or anticipated return on investment or maturity. In remodeling, the initial investment amount is your budget.

“What I like best is that he does what

he says he will do at a reasonable

cost and a highly responsible

manner” - Mark McLaughlin

The budget is a tool used to guide the design and material selection process. The prospective customer alone establishes the budget. This information is important and required at our initial consultation.

Time is irreplaceable. Its value is un-purchasable and its measure is irrespective. As stewards, we should account for every moment and optimize every opportunity. We view our one to one and a half hour consultation as an investment of time. As with any investment we endeavor to obtain a return on investment by becoming your contractor.

Our effort to be good stewards of time will not permit us to give free estimates. Our endeavor is to earn your trust and become your contractor. If you are someone interested in interviewing and hiring a quality, professional contractor, you have found them!

“You and your assistants did an

awesome job. We’ve received

MANY compliments.”

- Jerry and Andrea Hopkins


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