About JC&M Construction

In 2001, we began to recognize the benefits of specializing in a distinct area of the industry. With a more refined focus and dedication of all resources, we could recruit and maintain top talent and boost our ability to think innovatively. Our company could stay current with new product and building methods. Our mission to provide our clients with the best and most unforgettable home remodeling experience became our motivation to specialize.

We believe cultures are created by leaders. Leaders are not born; they are developed. Excellence is an attitude; not a gift. Within every successful organization is a group of people that share a common goal. Our reliable and skilled professional contractors and staff represent this belief.


About the Owner

Born to a North Carolina farm boy and military career soldier, Ronnie was one of eight children. From an early age, he learned respect for our country, discipline, and responsibility. Integrity, honor, morality, love, and hard work are the principles which shape his character. Travel and relocating was frequent and became an intangible asset in his ability to adjust, adapt, and embrace differences.

Influential family members and an inspiring high school vocational teacher led Ronnie to discover his true passion for building. As a young man in his middle teens, his passion and enthusiasm became the foundation of a vast amount of personal and professional experience and fulfillment.

To be the best is to be better than the rest. Working as a craftsman with numerous different tradesmen and across many states has benefited Ronnie tremendously. His passion for building and pursuit to be the best has become his greatest motivators.

Ronnie recognized a significant difference between knowledge to build a project and a business. Understanding this difference and the value of obtaining additional knowledge, Ronnie enrolled at Westmoreland County Community College for a business degree. Completing the coursework for a two year degree equipped him with the knowledge to expand his established business. 

Ronnie and his wife of 34 years have four children and nine grand children. They have been active members of a local ministry for 30 years. 

We accept credit cards.